Are Your Walls Looking a Little Off-Color?

Receive quality Cheyenne, WY decorating services

There’s no need to be ashamed of fading walls. Whether it’s time for a complete redesign or you just want paint touch-ups, you’ll love working with Charles Martinez, owner of First Class Painters of Cheyenne LLC. We’re local and can accommodate your schedule. Let’s create an optimum remodel timeline. Call us at (307) 287-2935 for more information and book your free consultation. Every house is different – our painters can help you pick a color that pops.

Painted 1,600 houses and counting

Repainting damaged or old surfaces always seems simple at first. Then you start the job and realize you’re in for the long haul. We get it – there are so many other things you’d rather be doing with your spare time. Hire us for your Cheyenne, Wyoming interior and exterior painting projects. We gladly cover:

• Trim
• Siding
• Doors
• Decks
• Patios

Take advantage of your days off and relax while we climb the ladders and apply the primer. Our process is simple and straightforward. First Class Painters of Cheyenne LLC will visit your home and offer professional painting advice. Then we’ll provide an estimate and schedule your painting services. Contact us to get started with your interior or exterior paint job in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

3 home décor quick fixes

If you’re looking for an immediate home décor solution, don’t panic. First Class Painters of Cheyenne LLC keeps tabs on trending design ideas. Spruce up your home with:

• A painted headboard made from wood pallets
• Wooden chairs painted with shimmery metallic paint
• Filing cabinet organizers painted in bright shades

For major design advice and ideas, contact First Class Painters by calling (307) 287-2935.

You Can Trust Us to Color Inside the Lines

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First Class Painters of Cheyenne LLC is an active member of the Safety Service Company since 6/30/17 which is a network of safety-minded contractors that demonstrate their commitment to O.S.H.A. compliance.

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