popcorn ceiling removal cheyenne wy

See How Easy It Is to Transform Your Space

Consider popcorn ceiling removal services in Cheyenne, WY, Wellington, CO or surrounding areas

When removing popcorn we first mask the entire space, as well as move furniture if needed. The ceiling will be sprayed with water and scraped off. Once popcorn is removed, there are always repairs. We handle that next. Once repairs are fixed we wet sand or use a Planex Festool sander. Once the ceiling is smooth and repaired, we apply texture. It takes a full 12 hours to set up and dry. In the meantime, we clean and take down masking. The final days are priming and painting. Our professionals have the experience and the equipment to remove the texture from your ceiling and leave you with a modern ceiling.

If you're tired of looking at your old popcorn ceiling. We have the fix that you've been looking for. By removing your outdated acoustic ceiling aka popcorn, and re-texturing, you will enjoy a modern look while increasing the value of your home.

We only use the best materials and equipment for all of our projects, making sure the environment is safe and clean at all times. We also bring air scrubbers to ensure the air quality is always at its best. We will walk you through the full process, making sure you are completely satisfied