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We Actually Enjoy Watching Paint Dry

Our Wellington, CO & Cheyenne, WY work crew loves the art of painting

You can make all sorts of excuses to avoid buying paint and putting it on the walls. But when your in-laws visit and comment on your "unique design" or your kids complain their bedrooms are lame, you'll have to face the truth. Your home is in desperate need of a remodel. Call the professionals at First Class Painters of Cheyenne LLC. We will paint:

• Bedrooms
• Trim
• Molding
• Windows
• Cabinetry

Ask us about staining versus painting and receive your free consultation when you call (307) 287-2935.

How to pick the perfect shade

Generally, our Wellington, CO & Cheyenne, WY painters use Sherwin Williams paint. You can easily decide on a paint shade with the help of the First Class team. If you're feeling impatient and want to get a head start, here are our paint-picking pointers:

• Apply paint testers on areas that receive natural light
• Consider preexisting color schemes in your home
• Try mixing patterned accessories with bold colors
• Reference the color wheel often
• Learn about complimentary hues