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We Actually Enjoy Watching Paint Dry

Turn to us when you need a custom home painter in Cheyenne, WY, Wellington, CO or surrounding areas

You can make all sorts of excuses to avoid buying paint and putting it on the walls. But when your in-laws visit and comment on your "unique design" or your kids complain their bedrooms are lame, you'll have to face the truth. Your home is in desperate need of a remodel. Call the professionals at First Class Painters of Cheyenne LLC. We will paint:

• Bedrooms
• Trim
• Molding
• Windows
• Cabinetry

Ask us about staining versus painting and receive your free consultation when you call (307) 287-2935.

How to pick the perfect shade

Generally, our Cheyenne, WY painters use Sherwin Williams paint. You can easily decide on a paint shade with the help of the First Class team. If you're feeling impatient and want to get a head start, here are our paint-picking pointers:

• Apply paint testers on areas that receive natural light
• Consider preexisting color schemes in your home
• Try mixing patterned accessories with bold colors
• Reference the color wheel often
• Learn about complimentary hues