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Refresh Your Kitchen

Get started on a cabinet painting project in Cheyenne, WY or Wellington, CO

Freshly painted cabinets can make your kitchen feel like new. First Class Painters of Cheyenne offers cabinet painting services in Cheyenne, WY and Wellington, CO. We'll provide a quote for your project and manage it from start to finish.

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What do our cabinet painting services include?

When you want to update your old cabinets, trust us to get the job done right. When tackling cabinet painting projects, we:

  • Remove the doors, drawers and hardware
  • Tape and protect inner portions of cabinets, floors and countertops
  • Create a barrier between the kitchen and the surrounding areas
  • Clean and degrease all parts
  • Sand the cabinets by hand
  • Prime the cabinets, doors and drawers
  • Paint cabinets while sanding between each coat

We take the time to sand between coats of paint to ensure a smooth final finish. We also clean all parts thoroughly after completing painting work. Reach out to us now about repainting your cabinets.